Cookies for the Cause!

20 Jan


This year we’ve got a big team building – come join us!

And so, with eight months to go, we’re kicking off our fundraising with some big plans to make sure all of our team members make their fundraising minimums so we can get to Seattle in September. So, to sweeten the deal, I’m offering a little treat system for those who donate to any member of our team!

Cookies for the Cause!

  • For those who donate $5-$50: You’ll have our unconditional love and thanks… and we’ll keep you posted on our progress and success!
  • For those who donate $50 – $200: I’ll bake and deliver 1 dozen cookies to a local cancer center. With your support there can be so many sweet things sent to those going through treatment and those helping them. And I’ll send you a picture and note of where your thoughtfulness landed!
  • For those who donate $200 – $500: We’ll include you in the numbers for the cookies sent to a local cancer AND I’ll send YOU 3-dozen assorted sweets and a WHOLE LOTTA LOVE!
  • For any angels who have the cash and ability to donate over $500: I’ll send you two dozen homemade cookies every month for SIX MONTHS before the event! You can even send over requests, because I love to make people’s favorite things!
And if you are unable to donate, please hug someone you love and shoot a little prayer of thanks for your health out to whatever/whoever you believe in. I am so thankful for every step I get to take.
Happy Happy,
- Jacqueline and the Udders

8 Months until SEATTLE!

10 Jan


Seattle – September 19-21, 2014!

While it’s snowing outside in the northeast it’s hard to think about the warm months of training to come, or the cool nights we’ll be sleeping through in Seattle in our 11th and final walk as Team Walking for Udders in September. But we’re getting exited already – pulling in team members, sending out fundraising letters and emails, and daydreaming about the beauty of the 3-day experience we’ll embrace once again.

Thank you for visiting our site. Please take a look around at the old videos and photos from our past ten walks, and head over to our Team Page at Susan G. Komen for the Cure for links to our personal pages, where you can read our personal stories and donate.

Over the next 8 months we’ll be posting stories here – memories of past walks, reasons we’re participating now, and things we’ve learned on our journey. So check back in and always feel free to shoot us a message in a comment below or at our personal emails.

In love, peace and health,

- Jacqueline and the Udders

Another 60 Miles – WE DID IT! THANK YOU!

26 Aug
Proud owners of our newest victory shirts!

Proud owners of our newest victory shirts!

Dear, dear friends,


Last weekend we finished another incredible 3-Day journey for the Cure, in the northwest suburbs of Detroit. It was a beautiful experience for our entire team, so much so that we’re already signed up for 2014 in Seattle!

In the next few weeks, we’ll each be putting up a post about our experience for you. Until then, here’s a bit of a collage of favorite photos of the week. We can’t thank you enough for your help in the fight against breast cancer. So often we take for granted how quickly life can change, and how precious our time together is. Thank you for recognizing the struggles of others, and contributing to the love and support that so many need when a breast cancer diagnosis enters their lives.

Much love,

Jacqueline and the Udders

Scroll over each photo for a description, and click on an image for a larger version and a slide-show option!

Day Two – Good Morning!

17 Aug


We were quite exhausted after a long but lovely day yesterday. The weather is perfect – not too hot (though the sun is serious) and dry, but it took a toll!

We’re back out on our route, three miles in already. Here’s some favorites from yesterday:


Mom not only dances the whole while, but she sings while stretching!


Momma and the men that keep us safe…


On this route is normally the Dancing Lady, who’s been coming out for years to cheer walkers. She’s recovering from a successful treatment for pancreatic cancer, and so there are many tributes to her along the route, including this 60-foot banner walkers are signing.


Mom and Jess made all 20 miles and were still smiling at the end! I’m so proud of them!!


20 down, 40 to go!! We love you!!


This is my tenth walk, so I got a 10-walk pin and my name on this little sign! Jess and mom got their 5-walk pins too!


We’re daydreaming of Dan and Liz joining us next year on bike crew…!


This is why we walk… There are so many people here with faces and names plastered on their shirts and bags. Too many stories remind us why it’s why we’re so lucky to be here participating.

Thank you for this opportunity. We’re loving every step.

See you after lunch!

- Jacqueline and the Udders

Ten Miles Down!

16 Aug


Ten miles down and we’re having a beautiful time! Jess and mom have clocked in ten miles and I’ve done about five, with healthy bouts of rest in between. We’re now spread out in a beautiful park and community garden, eating lunch and stretching before hitting the road again.

Here are a few shots from our morning:

Mom dancing away at the opening ceremony.


Mags and I at the first pit stop, signing an ambulance :)


I just thought these ladies were sweet…


We walked through a GLORIOUS park of wildflowers that restored my soul. And it was the perfect place for us to send out some prayers for Deacon Rowe, whose funeral was being held in CT while we were waking through.


When TIRED in the middle of a park…


…stretch on a very large, very random tire, and they will come…


And our slogan!

Off to another 10!

- Jacqueline and the Udders


Woohoo! It’s official – we’re waking!

16 Aug


Rise and Shine!!

16 Aug


Here we go! We’re decked out in pink and headed to opening ceremonies!


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