We Did It!!!

22 Sep


Dearest friends,

Thank you, thank you, thank you.

We had LOVELY weekend in Seattle; truly special. It was a victorious eleventh event for me, a triumphant sixth walk for mom – who walked every mile with only two blisters!! – a moving first experience for our cousin, Patty, and an energetic and animated sixth for Maggie and (??!!) for Jess.

This journey started ten years ago. $50,000.+ dollars and thousands of miles later, we’re still so thankful to be a part of it.

Last night we joined our local cousin, Marshall, and his daughters for a really fun dinner (it means so much to have cousins cheering you along the way!!) and then Jess, Maggie and Patty took red eyes home (I wanna be a fly on the wall in one of Jess’ classes today… Or I’ll just stay here cozy in my hotel bed). Mom and I soon pack up and fly back to New York.

As soon as I rest up a bit I’ll throw more photos and fun up here. Until then, thank you, THANK YOU! Another 69 miles done for a very worthy cause.

– Jacqueline and the Udders









Day Three – Yippee!

21 Sep


I wrote a blubbering, happy post last night and this morning and couldn’t publish it because of poor hotel internet.

So here’s a few fun photos of our journey to the 6 mile mark of day three! Our total mileage today is a manageable 16.3, and it promises to be a hot and sunny trek downtown. We’re all smiling, I am beyond thankful to be here, and I’m overwhelmed with love for an unforgettable ten-year, 11-event journey.

– Jacqueline and the udders










Lunch Day Two – the morning of hills

20 Sep


They warned us about the hills… And they were right. After a fun bit with mom she threw me into a sweep van and kept on walking her adorable self on. Speaking of adorableness, how amazing is THIS?!:


We’re at the 8.7 mile mark of our 20.8 mile journey of the day, and the lakes, parks and people of Seattle continue to be awesome. Maggie and Patty are breaking down Pit Two – which was right by lake Washington! – and mom and I video-bombed the lecture Jess was recording for one of her Monday classes in her absence.


The weather is still pretty nippy, but that’s far preferable to hot and humid! Thanks for coming along on our little journey with us, and for the donations that are magically coming in today! Every dollar makes a difference in finding cutting-edge research and giving us a spring in our step!!!

Love love love,
– Jacqueline and the Udders


Day Two, Yahoo!

20 Sep


We’re off!

It’s another very cool-but-not-cold morning (THANK YOU SEATTLE!). The first mile brought us up a HUGE hilly trail, but it was in the woods surrounded by tall, gorgeous pine trees so I personally wasn’t complaining! It was a big one though!


We are trucking along, almost at pitstop two. What a beautiful weekend to do something that we love!

– Jacqueline and the Udders


Day One – DONE!

20 Sep

2014-09-19 18.22.28

Hello again!

We made it to the end of Day One!

Mom was a champ and powered her way through 22.9 miles today! It was a glorious day of some cool clouds in the morning opening up to just enough sunshine and some sweet, dry, cool breezes. We walked through beautiful parks, over bridges, through a botanical garden, and past many (gorgeous!) Seattle homes.

We are VERY tired so are going to keep it brief. Patty and Maggie are back at camp (Patty snuck on the route and walked 7.5 miles with us in the afternoon!), Jessica, mom and I are cleaned up and resting sweetly in our hotel, and we’ll meet in the darkness of morning again to hit another 20.9 miles.

Thank you, once again, to all of you who have gotten us here. We do it all for our Udders, and think you’re udderly awesome (told you… punch drunk tired.

In love and thanks, and with some pretty tired tootsies,

– Jacqueline and the Udders

Lunch Day One!

19 Sep


Here we are! After a somewhat rushed evening of swapping gear, seeing family, packing me up with food for the trip and decking out our hot white minivan with pink, we made it to the Opening Ceremony!


It was held in downtown Seattle right by the space needle!

Our route today covers 22.9 miles of beautiful parks, LONG bridges, a good deal of hills and some pretty residential areas. The people out to cheer are lovely, loud and decked out in pink!

Patty and Maggie are at Pit Stop Two, loading and unloading gear, taking photos of walkers and checking to make sure all is supplied well. There are about 1200 walkers at this event and their station only has nine crew members, so they did a good deal of heavy lifting.


Jessica’s been running all over Seattle for us. After taking me and mom to the opening, she grabbed Maggie and Patty from their crew to make it just in time for us all to say goodbye as we started walking, teary messes all! Then she ran me back to the hotel to grab my food (I FORGOT IT AT THE HOTEL!), dropped me back with mom after some rambling, and cheered for us at a cheering station. After a few more miles with mom, I’m waiting in our can for her at lunch – 12.4 miles into our day.


Personally, I’ve only done a few miles. My health is too risky a factor this year for me to push. So I’m taking in the energy of the event, staying thankful for what we’ve accomplished in the past ten years, and feeling so thankful and proud of my cousin, sisters and superhero mom. I gave her that pin and slogan after my first walk ten years ago, and I’m overwhelmed with love that she’s since walked in six events with me. She’s taking the trail mostly alone this year, and that takes a lot of heart and dedication.


Thank you all for your support and love.

See you in a few miles!

Jacqueline and the Udders


On our way!

17 Sep


Hey friends!

Doris (mom!) and I are on the tarmac, waiting for our flight to lift off to Seattle! We’re all insanely excited for this event – our last as a whole team as we’ve now represented in all cities the Komen foundation organizes.

Last night I looked through ten years of lanyards and Victory shirts, with my gear clean and ready to go. Thank you to every one of you who have supported us over the years. Together we’ve raise much more than $50,000 for the cause, and now are completing a commitment we made 10 years ago!

Tonight mom and I will check out a show at Seattle’s ACT theatre (!), head to Pike Street market for lots of yum, grab last minute odds and ends for the weekend, and get to know Seattle a touch. Tomorrow we pick up our crew members Maggie and Patty from their flight in from North Carolina, and then our official driver / cheerer / Starbucks getter Jessica from her flight in from Indiana. We can’t wait to be all together, decked out in pink!

Stay tuned for my little blog updates as I take breaks and wait for my kickass mother (because of my health I’m not walking all 60 miles, but she’s a superhero and is!!).

Until then, all our love and thanks!

Jacqueline xoxo


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